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SURRY HILLS 2010, NSW, Australia
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Engagement Assistant Director, Western NSW Regional Office


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About the job

The Engagement Assistant Director is a key leadership position within the Western NSW Regional Office's Leadership Team.


The Opportunity:


The Engagement Assistant Director is a key leadership position within the Western NSW Regional Office's Leadership Team. They have delegated authority and responsibility to resolve issues and risks across wide ranging activities.


The role has people, program and stakeholder management responsibilities and is required to manage employees and take responsibility for their overall performance. The role nurtures and manages a range of key internal and external stakeholder relationships and networks.

This position is Identified which signifies that the role has strong involvement in matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Engagement Assistant Director works with a considerable degree of independence, under broad direction from the Director.


They are responsible for:

  • planning and delivering aspects of the branch work program
  • reporting on progress against performance and quality indicators ensuring that performance measures for the branch are met
  • contribute to the development of branch strategic plans
  • lead the development of business cases and project plans for new initiatives.

The role provides expertise across a broad range of activities including:

  • customer service delivery
  • policy development
  • project management
  • community engagement and culture.

Our Ideal Candidate


Our Ideal Candidate is expected to:

  • provide leadership and supervision to achieve branch outcomes and the NIAA's broader strategic directions
  • coordinate and oversee the development and performance of staff within the branch, in collaboration with team leaders
  • facilitate the development and implementation of complex and nuanced program processes, procedures and projects. Directly manage the implementation of these activities or oversee implementation by branch staff
  • monitor and report on the performance and quality of branch outputs and projects, against key performance indicators and quality metrics
  • provide expert technical and operational guidance to peers and senior staff
  • prepare, review or delegate creation of reports, briefs or any other documents required by the Director, senior executive team, Agency governance committees and it's advisory committees
  • chair and facilitate forums across the Agency, using appropriate NIAA governance processes. Represent the branch at internal forums and the Agency at external forums
  • actively build and maintain productive relationships and inclusive networks through collaboration with providers, partners and stakeholders.

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Part time


Broken Hill, NSW, Australia


Engagement Assistant Director, Western NSW Regional Office






$ 117036 - 133387 per year